What is OEM?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Simple speaking, the goods are manufactured here under the original design and specifications of the owner. As the manufacturer, all OEM goods that we produced will only be sold to the owner on the molds, goods will not be resold to any other party without authorization from the owner.


"Made in CHINA"? WHY?
Statistics suggests that amount of goods exported from China is growing every year. The main reason is the low cost in CHINA. China is a manufacturing country, many foreign investors has chosen to manufacture the goods in China due to its cost advantages and more important is -- its environmental condition, every city has over thousands of factories.


If only have a sample of the product that I wish to produces, what can I do ?
No Problem, our design team will help you on this case, send us the product and we have the detailed drawing prepared for you.


If I only have a concept of the product that I wish to produces, without a prototype or drawing, what can I do?
Contact our consultant, our design team will work together with you through the design process, you can send us your concept with sketch via email, our engineering team will also be involved to ensure the concept will be put into practical product.


What is a China GSP Form A?
GSP Form A is an evidence that a product is produced in China. Many European countries will optain tax advantages by having this certificate.


What we should do if we have our own appointed shipping agent?
If you have an appointed shipping or freight agent send the contacts to our consultant and our staff will then pass all information to our shipping division to made arrangement. If you have no appointed agent, Our shipping division will handle this for you .


What happen if I am not satisfactory with the products?
It is very unusual that you do not satisfy with the products, production will only begin with your approval on the molds, this will be versifying through the samples that we submitted. All customers will send us their requirements and our QC division will be inspecting the goods based on the these. An International Inspection Organisation (SGS) will be our external inspector on large projects, therefore, you don't have to worry about that as this should never happen.


What is the duration of the molding process?
The tooling time will be vary according form one product to another , depending on the size and the complexity of the mold, he average tooling time will be around 30-45 day .


Do I own the mold ?
YES, we will not resell the part without your authorization in any circumstances.
How can I dealt with patent of my new invention?
Our consultant will advise on this.


What happen if the product that I design is not solely a plastic product, with combination of different components, such as electric motor , steel or cable etc... ?
Many OEM product that we produces I,e. Vacuum Cleaner, Show Dryer, Walkie Talkie, Radio is
not only made of plastic, our electronic engineers will take care on all these kinds of issues.


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