Our project manager will be in assisting and monitoring the tooling process from the beginning until it shipped.

A detail timeline on your OEM project will be discussed with our representative, there are many additional details you may wish to input on your product and we will guarantee you will be satisfied with all information that we supply, such as the production methods, finishing and packaging options.

An advancement of the latest technology can also been carry from our factory in house, producing your OEM project by IML. A plastic part with IML effects achieves the best and top class quality on your product, with a premium price however bringing a high speed productivity and top appearances, it is well worth to add a premium and to value added your product.

Please do send us sketches of your design and our team will work closely to develop the project to you together.

On many occasions that we may work with your designer, a complete engineering design with the BOM (Bill of material) will be helpful. Data including the steel hardness requirement, in gate position, material selection, mold flow, cycle time, manufacturability, texture and finishing will be discussed. Our engineer will review all the drawings and submit a quotation in 3 working days; a completed engineering mold design file will be submitted for an approval before we cut the steel.
Manufacture of TOOLING is carried out by qualified toolmakers trained in the use of CNC machinery. Computer aided machining ensures accuracy, and crucial cavity and core dimensions are checked with an optical comparator prior to tool build-up.
It is critical for you to consider the annual production qty during the design phase, a determination of this is often changes the number of cavities and the hardness of the steel requires on the molds. The tooling layout is an important element to study, as it will create a major cost impact to you for a long-term production.

Harbour was certified under ISO and we are confidents with our production quality, a on-job record with inspection procedures will be follow by each our of injection team member and our well-experiences on site inspector.

Sampling & T-Stages
The T1 sample should meet all requirements, it is normal and expected that the customer may want to finalize some details after received the T1, unless the customer do have a physical part before we built the tool, we do receive comments to carry modification on the tools. Making a prototype will avoid these issues and have better time management over your project.

We are happy to form shipping arrangement with your own forwarder, and we do also work with some of the best and efficient shipping company to deliver the products to any port or warehouse in the world. Sea freight the molds to your door usually takes 4-5 weeks lead time, we will handle all the required paperwork necessary for US and or foreign customers.


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